Between Two Bots

EP06 - Between Two Bots with Dr. Dorothea Baur

Episode Summary

Welcome to the Between Two Bots podcast. In this episode, Dr Dorothea Baur shares her insights on AI ethics at the intersection of technology, society and the environment.

Episode Notes

Welcome to the Between Two Bots podcast. In this podcast, we discuss the cultural, technological and ethical implications of artificial intelligence and AI-based decisions. A discussion that is so important to have as it affects us all. Especially now, that our relationship with machines is changing as we move from human to human, to human to machine, to machine to machine interactions. AI becomes more pervasive and has a bigger impact on how we live and how and the work that we do.

This week's guest is Dr. Dorothea Baur. Dr. Dorothea Baur is an independent consultant who provides ethics strategy consulting for decision-makers in tech and finance. At the intersection of technology, society and the environment, companies are often confronted with ethical questions. The challenge is to find credible answers to these questions without losing sight of business reality. She offers consulting, speaking and teaching services on AI & Ethics, CSR & sustainability, and ESG and sustainable finance.

Podcast notes:
Dr. Dorothea Baur:

3 weekly articles:

  1. How Big Tech dominates EU's AI ethics group -
  2. With Robotics4EU, the EU wants us to believe in responsible AI robots -
  3. Machine Learning, Deep Fakes, and the Threat of an Artificially Intelligent Hate-Bot -

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